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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

External Test Light System

An optional feature offered with each FLAMEX Spark Detection System is an Automatic External Test Light System. This feature is used to test the responsiveness of a Spark Detector(s) in each zone. A Test Light looks very similar to a Spark Detector and mounts to the duct in the same manner however instead of being an IR sensor, it is an IR emitter. It is used to simulate spark activity from the opposite side of the duct from a mounted Spark Detector (and external from the detector being tested). The advantage of testing in this manner is that it is a true test of detector responsiveness because it is done during normal operation and takes into account the actual material flow through the duct. Because the test is "through the lens" it will alert personnel of any obscuration of a Detector caused by material build-up. External Testing is far superior to internal testing which is performed inside the detector being testing and therefore does not take into account material build-up on the lens or the density of the material flow. FLAMEX Control Panels can be programmed to perform this testing function automatically based on desired intervals.

Flow Monitor

A Flow Monitor can be provided "pre-installed" on each FLAMEX Extinguishing Assembly. The Flow Monitor is wired to the FLAMEX Control Panel and indicates a water flowing condition (minimum 3/L per minute) through the extinguishing assembly. This device serves as a leakage indicator by signaling the Control Panel when a flow is detected when the solenoid is not activated. Conversely, the Flow Monitor also gives an indication of a water supply fault if no water is detected flowing through the extinguishing set during an activation.

Air Purge Attachment for Detector Lens

In particularly difficult detection applications where material obscuration of the lens is a problem, the Detector (and Test Light) can be fitted with an optional Air Purge fitting to utilize compressed air to prevent material build-up.

Booster Pump Units

A Booster Pump may be required in installations where the plant water supply is insufficient to meet the minimum requirements of the FLAMEX system. Three separate models are available. Pump units come pre-wired, assembled and painted. A bladder tank is supplied that keeps several gallons of water under pressure to provide the initial surge into the duct upon activation that is necessary to produce an effective spray pattern. The pump is activated by either a flow switch or a pressure switch that comes supplied with the unit. Drawings and electrical requirements are available upon request.
"Ducts conveying dry material released by equipment having a high frequency of generated sparks shall be...(1) Equipped with a listed spark detection and extinguishing system installed downstream from the last material entry point and upstream of any collection equipment..."- NFPA 664 (2017 edition)
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