FLAMEX offers a number of different models of detectors to address a broad range of applications.  We will consider a number of factors in selecting the specific model of detector that is appropriate for your application(s). 

YMX 5000 Detector Series

The YMX 5000 Detector series represents a unique and technologically advanced generation of infrared spark and flame sensors for industrial applications.  An industry exclusive self-monitoring optics feature provides “through the lens” testing for each detector in real time to immediately alert the user of a reduction of detector capability caused by damage or lens contamination.  The photo transducers in each detector are coated in an infrared filter material which reduces the level of extraneous light that could cause false positive activations.  The lens is made of an extremely durable and corrosion resistant sapphire material to minimize wear. Wiring requirements are minimized by the design configuration which allows up to three remote sensors to connect to a field mounted Control Unit. The Control Unit offers a retrievable lifetime memory function and provides external LEDs to indicate the functional status of each detector. YMX 5000 Spark Detectors are suitable for installation in an extremely wide range of operational temperatures and therefore have increased applicability in areas where other detectors may not be appropriate. Each detector is protected by a robust stainless steel housing and utilizes a field removable lens.  Easy and secure mounting facilitates installation and maintenance inspections. EX versions for Class 2 Division 1 hazardous areas are available for all models.       

YMX 5000 FUX Spark Detector

Suitable for use in dark enclosed areas such as ductwork and drop chutes where ambient light is normally not present.  Detects IR in the .78 to 1.2 micron range. Can be installed in applications where the operational temperatures fall between -40 Degrees F and +221 degree F.  High Temperature models are available for operational temperatures up to 662 Degrees F.

Sensor unit YMX5000 FUX

YMX 5000 FUX DL and DLS Detectors

These detectors sense infrared in the mid-IR range making them suitable in applications where some ambient light is present.  They also can sense IR with lower temperatures than the standard spark detector and therefore are sometimes referred to as “Hot Particle” detectors.  Common applications include drop chutes, conveyors and certain ductwork installations.

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B Melder YMX5000 FUX

YMX LSP Air Purge Mounting Attachment

In particularly difficult detection applications where material obscuration of the lens is a problem, the detector can be equipped with an air purge fitting which allows clean compressed air to be blown across the lens to prevent material accumulation.

Installation kit YMX5000 LSP

FMX 5000 IR3 Detector and YMX 5000 FMX Flame Detector

These Flame detectors are commonly referred to as a “triple IR” detectors because they offer a 3 channel IR analysis in the 2.0-6.0 micron range. They are designed to detect open flames that can be caused by combustion of solid or liquid materials.  They are impervious to false alarm sources such as flashing lights and welding.  Both have an optical integrity feature that notifies the user if the lens becomes dirty or obscured.  The YMX version is particularly suited for areas with restricted installation space.

UniVario FMX5000 IR flame detector

FUX 3200 Flame Detector

This IR Flame detector utilizes a fiber optic probe to isolate the detector electronics from the protected area allowing it to be used in high temperature applications.  It is used in areas where some ambient light is present and utilizes a lens monitoring feature to notify the user of any accumulations of oil or foreign particulate that might possibly compromise the detection capability of the sensor. Typical applications include ovens, presses, machine tools, paint spray robots and motor test cells.

WMX 5000 Heat Detector

This detector is a sophisticated thermal sensor that will alarm when a pre-set fixed temperature is exceeded and when an abnormal rate of heat rise is detected.  It has the advantage of being able to be re-programmed in the field and thus offers a large degree of flexibility in many applications.  The detector offers a data archive feature that can be used to record a history of temperatures and functional activity.  The unit can be provided with an LCD temperature display if desired.

UniVario WMX5000 FS heat detector

Smoke Detectors

FLAMEX offers several models of industrial smoke detectors including Photoelectric, Ionization, Air sampling and Duct Smoke Detectors.  The specific model to be selected is determined by the application.  Some models offer automatic drift compensation and all are designed for industrial use.

GMX Multi-Sensor Fire Gas Detector

This sensor provides early detection of smoldering fires often before conventional detectors can respond. The unit detects the carbon monoxide concentration in the monitored area as well as the ambient temperature.  A microcontroller evaluates the temperature, temperature gradient and CO concentration and triggers a fire alarm when detected values reach potentially dangerous levels.

Can be used in harsh industrial environments with heavy pollution or humid conditions.


Rapid detection and suppression prevents sparks from igniting fires in dust collectors.
Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine water mist produces a cooling and suffocating effect on fires.
The broad range of components allow flexibility for systems to be customized to address a variety of applications.
High performance firefighting turbine using water mist technology is the next generation fire protection.


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