Control Panels

Control Panels

FLAMEX Inc. offers a number of Control Panel models that are customized to meet the requirements of each specific protection application.  The control panel appropriate for a given application is selected based on the zone capacity required as well as the desired features of the panel.

Panels can range from the most basic single zone console to a sophisticated multi-zone panel with technologically advanced supervision and monitoring capabilities.  All Control Panels include battery back-up and are FM Global approved.

The CLUNID FMZ 6000 Control Panel Series

Available Fall 2022

The new generation FMZ 6000 Control Panels offer a very high level of functional integrity and dependability.  Advantages include:

  • Simple to use 7” full color touch screen which allows intuitive, rapid navigation for all events
  • Functional redundancy of the CPU, control boards and modules to prevent breakdowns and downtime repairs
  • Individual modules can be replaced during operation without interruption
  • LogicManager feature provides plausibility checks to prevent operator error
  • ServiceAssistant feature makes it possible to read off the actual status and event history messages at any time during operation as can documentation relating to commissioning and service work
  • New communication protocols allow use with a wider range of detectors and actuators
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FMZ 6000 Panels are available in 4 different enclosure sizes: D04, D14, D21, and D40

FLAMEX Inc. can assist you in the selection of the appropriate control panel to meet you specific application.


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