Water Extinguishing

Water Extinguishing

The FLAMEX system can sense a spark or burning material and extinguish it in milliseconds with a minimal amount of water before it can become an ignition source for a fire or explosion.

For non-water reactive materials such as wood, paper, plastics, rubber, most food products, tobacco and other agricultural products etc., water is an ideal extinguishing agent for a variety of reasons.

Relative to other extinguishing agents, water is safe, inexpensive and widely available. It can be quickly deployed and has an immediate effect. It can be applied in a variety of different patterns, volumes and droplet sizes to increase its efficency in addressing any given fire scenario.

Water is particularly effective in fire suppression because it combats all three sides of the fire triangle: Heat, Fuel and Oxygen.  Water absorbs the heat from the fire, cools the surface of the material and displaces oxygen when turned to steam.   Unlike some other agents, it has no toxic fumes and can be used safely around people.

Water Mist

The effectiveness of water suppression on a fire can be enhanced by reducing the size of the water droplets. By doing so, the surface area of the water is increased and thereby increases the capacity for rapid heat absorption. Further, the small droplets evaporate quickly and turn to steam, creating a cooling and suffocating effect on the fire. FLAMEX uses specially designed nozzles to produce water mist to achieve this effect. Our MINIFOG PROCON water mist system utilizes this suppression concept to protect Composite Board Presses, Ovens, Dryers and other critical machinery.


Deluge systems quickly deliver large volumes of water to extinguish a fire. They are fixed fire protection systems where the water pipe is empty until the deluge valve opens and water simultaneously distributes from open nozzles. Deluge systems outperform sprinkler systems in areas where fire can spread rapidly.


Water Extinguishing in Ductwork

The prevention of ignition by eliminating airborne sparks in ductwork or drop chutes requires a very rapid suppression utilizing an agent that can quench the spark immediately upon contact. Extinguishing agents such as CO2 or inert gases are not suitable for such applications as they require a certain concentration to prevent combustion which is not possible in a duct with a moving airstream. The discharge of a water spray pattern utilizing a fast acting solenoid valve and specially designed nozzles make this concept possible.

The FLAMEX Extinguishing assembly was designed for rapid and efficient suppression of airborne sparks being transported through ductwork at high velocities. The 1” assembly comes pre-assembled for an easy installation featuring a ball valve, strainer, and a fast acting solenoid valve.  Each assembly also comes equipped with a flow monitor to verify water flow through the unit and gasketed unions to facilitate maintenance. The assembly is designed for use with an F180 Sidewall nozzle which is available in several different K factors.    

The patented F180 Nozzle is a highly efficient self-closing Stainless Steel nozzle that installs easily in a threaded Stainless Steel coupling flush mounted firmly to the duct. The retractable cross bar is Teflon coated to ensure quick and smooth operation. The exclusive advantage that this nozzle provides is its ability to create a complete full fan spray pattern that covers the entire cross section inside the duct. The efficiency of the nozzle made possible by its unique design also allows it to be effective at lower minimum pressures than other nozzles facilitating its use with the available water supply in most plant facilities.

The spray cycle time is pre-set so that the water spray stops after the spark has been extinguished so that downtime and clean-up from an activation of the system is typically avoided.

The FLAMEX Extinguishing Assembly has been installed in thousands of facilities across North America and beyond, providing the most effective water suppression possible for spark detection applications.  The preventative concept of this protection design provides for a much more cost effective method of fire and explosion safety than other concepts which are designed to control the fire once it occurs.   


Rapid detection and suppression prevents sparks from igniting fires in dust collectors.
Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine water mist produces a cooling and suffocating effect on fires.
The broad range of components allow flexibility for systems to be customized to address a variety of applications.
High performance firefighting turbine using water mist technology is the next generation fire protection.


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