Explosion Isolation Flap

Explosion Isolation Flap

An Explosion Isolation Flap (EIF) is a passive isolation device used to prevent a deflagration from propagating back upstream in ductwork in the event of a dust collector explosion.

It is installed on the ductwork upstream of a dust collector. The manufacturer will have installation requirements specifying the minimum and maximum distance from the dust collector inlet to locate the unit.  If the duct is protected by Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, the system components should be installed upstream of the EIF location.

An EIF contains a flap that is held open by the normal process airflow. Should a pressure wave from an explosion in the collector propagate through the ductwork in the reverse direction of the normal airflow, it will force the flap down to prevent the flame front from passing further upstream.

EIFs are to be used in applications where the dust collector is properly vented.  The Kst value of the material being conveyed must be considered in selecting the appropriate model.

NFPA 69 provides important information concerning the requirements which EIFs (or Flow-Actuated Flap Valves) must meet in able to meet recognized industry standards. Among these requirements are third party certification and a latching mechanism which will initiate an automatic shutdown of the protected area.

When purchasing an EIF it is important to consider the amount of static pressure loss that you will incur in the airstream after installation.  The amount of drag on the air flow may vary considerably among available units.    


Rapid detection and suppression prevents sparks from igniting fires in dust collectors.
Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine water mist produces a cooling and suffocating effect on fires.
The broad range of components allow flexibility for systems to be customized to address a variety of applications.
High performance firefighting turbine using water mist technology is the next generation fire protection.


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