Fire Protection


Fire Protection

The implementation and proper use of automatic fire protection systems in industrial facilities that handle combustible dusts is crucial to their survival and continued operation.  FLAMEX Inc. designs, supplies and services a number of different industrial fire protection systems and components to address specific protection requirements found in these facilities.

Spark Detection & Extinguishing System

Dust Collectors typically account for the majority of loss incidences relating to combustible dusts each year. The processes involved in air filtration within an industrial environment often create an atmosphere where combustible dusts can ignite resulting in fires and sometimes explosions. The best method to reduce the possibility of these devastating occurrences is to PREVENT the incident before it occurs.  Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems have long be proven an effective defense for this common hazard.

Minifog Water Mist System

The application of water mist on a fire is often a more effective suppression method than the volume and spray characteristics produced by conventional water extinguishing devices such as sprinkler heads and fire hoses. The fine water droplets produced by specially designed nozzles create a cooling and suffocating effect by rapidly expanding when turned to steam by the fire and thereby achieving suppression effectively with an efficient use of water.  These systems are typically activated by rapid flame detection and are used for object protection of critical machinery or processes.

Deluge System

To combat a burgeoning or ongoing fire in a dust collector, bin or silo, large volumes of water are required to suppress fires that are often deep seated in a mass of material.   Water Deluge Systems provide a method of suppression which can be actuated automatically typically with heat detectors, remote push button release or by manual valve. Nozzle placement and design ensure sufficient flow and coverage of the targeted area in accordance with NFPA Standards.

Foam System

When combating fires and vapor suppression that involve flammable liquids such as, Thermal and Hydraulic oils, known as hydrocarbon fuel fires, water sprinkler systems are not adequate without the admix of a wetting agent such as Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). Wetting agents such as AFFF form a blanket of foam over the protected area separating the surface of flammable liquid from the oxygen, smothering the fire and preventing it from reigniting.

Our systems are customizable to fight fires whether they are fixed/stationary systems or mobile systems.

MXOne Firefighting Turbine

The MXOne has the unique ability to fight a fire with water mist from a significant distance. The turbine is able to offset the susceptibility of small droplets to external factors such as crosswinds or head- winds using a smart control system and activating a supporting air stream. Its flexibility allows it to be adapted to meet almost any challenge posed by different fire scenarios.

Hazard Recognition

Many employers and employees are unaware of the hazards present in their facilities where they work every day.  Industry statistics may be helpful in identifying certain common hazards however the most important thing that an owner or operator of a business that handles combustible dust can do is to obtain a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) performed by a qualified individual.

Industries & Projects

The degree of flexibility of the FLAMEX system allows adaptation to a variety of industrial applications.  Since 1977 FLAMEX has supplied thousands of systems to facilities all across North America in numerous industries.  Whether in a small or large facility, our customers count on FLAMEX for protection of their processes.

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