Spark Detection & Extinguishing System

Spark Detection & Extinguishing System


The FLAMEX system can sense a spark or burning material and extinguish it in milliseconds with a minimal amount of water before it can become an ignition source for a fire or explosion.

The pneumatic conveying of combustible dusts carries inherent risks for dust fires and explosions. Processes involving grinding, cutting, sanding and drying operations are among those that can often cause sparks, which are typically the ignition source for fires and explosions in facilities that handle combustible dusts. The FLAMEX system is specifically designed to address these hazards and has proven to be a reliable, cost effective solution for the prevention of dust collector fires and explosions in a variety of industrial applications.

This simple and straightforward prevention approach minimizes or eliminates production interruption. The flexibility of the system allows its use with a variety of detection and suppression components which facilitates its use in a number of customized system designs.


The basic system is typically comprised of three main components: a Control Panel, a number of Spark Detectors, and an Extinguishing Assembly.

Control Panels

Control panels are sized based upon the requirements of the application. A number of models with various features are available. Panels can range from the most basic single zone console to sophisticated multi-zone panels with technologically advanced features. All are compatible with FLAMEX Detectors and Extinguishing Assemblies.

FLAMEX Inc. can assist you with the selection of the appropriate control panel to meet the requirements of your specific application.


Detecting a spark in a pneumatic material transport duct at speeds that often exceeds 5,000 feet per minute requires a very sensitive and very fast sensing device. FLAMEX Spark Detectors provide the sensitivity, speed, durability and reliability that such an application demands. Two or more spark detectors will be required to monitor a duct cross-section depending upon the size and configuration of the duct. These detectors are ideally mounted on a main section of ductwork downstream of any material input branch ducts and sufficiently upstream of the proper location for the extinguishing assembly to be installed. Upon detection, the detectors cause the system to activate thereby triggering the extinguishing device and causing the panel to go into an alarm state. The detectors automatically and immediately reset themselves so that they stand ready to detect any possible subsequent sparks.

Extinguishing Assembly

The Extinguishing Assembly is a pre-assembled device that mounts to the duct downstream of the detector location and upstream of the inlet to a dust collector. It is made up of a number of components outlined below.

The fast-acting solenoid valve reacts without delay upon activation. The specially designed stainless steel nozzle creates a 180 Degree water spray pattern effectively covering the duct cross section. This spray curtain is actualized inside the duct in less than 300 milliseconds and quenches the detected sparks as they pass through. The spray cycle time is pre-set and shuts off after the last spark has been extinguished to minimize the amount of water used during an activation.

Each system is custom designed to meet the protection requirements of each individual specific application.

Valve units of a spark extinguishing system installed in conveyor pipes


A fully automatic spark detection & extinguishing system consists of spark detectors, a control panel and an automatic extinguishing system as standard. If the spark detectors have detected sparks or hot particles in the conveyed material, they send a signal to the control panel. This then controls the solenoid valve of the automatic extinguishing system in the millisecond range. The extinguishing water is released and introduced into the conveying flow via patented self-closing nozzles. The glowing particles fly into the water veil built up by the nozzle. Immediately afterwards, the solenoid valve is automatically closed again. At the same time, the alarm is triggered.

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Rapid detection and suppression prevents sparks from igniting fires in dust collectors.
Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine water mist produces a cooling and suffocating effect on fires.
The broad range of components allow flexibility for systems to be customized to address a variety of applications.
High performance firefighting turbine using water mist technology is the next generation fire protection.


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