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FLAMEX Inc. is a leading supplier of customized industrial process fire prevention and protection equipment. We specialize in the protection of facilities that handle combustible dusts that utilize pneumatic dust collection and air filtration systems.

To combat the common problem of dust collector fires and explosions, our company pioneered the utilization of a new technology in North America by introducing the FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System in 1977. It soon became the first system of its type to gain a Factory Mutual Approval. Since that time, thousands of FLAMEX Systems have been installed in numerous industries across North America and beyond.

FLAMEX Inc. has the unique advantage of being the only North American supplier of Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems and related products that is part of a major global fire protection equipment manufacturing organization. Our parent company and longtime supplier MINIMAX GmbH has over 110 years of experience in industrial fire protection and has a commercial presence that extends around the globe.  With its acquisition of Viking Sprinkler Corporation in November 2009, MINIMAX has become a true world leader in fire protection technologies becoming an organization with now approximately 9,500 employees and 1.9 Billion Euro in annual turnover.

Although our name is often considered synonymous with Spark Detection Systems, FLAMEX Inc. also offers a variety of other related protection systems and products including the MINIFOG ProCon Fine Water Mist System and the MXOne Firefighting Turbine.

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Our capabilities include the design, supply and service of complete fire protection systems.

The experience, technical expertise and wealth of resources possessed by our ISO 9001 manufacturing partner affords FLAMEX the unique ability to offer a much broader product line and more comprehensive protection solutions to address the requirements of varied industrial applications than would a typical vendor. While some products that are similar in concept might be sourced elsewhere, the variety of products, quality, features, service and experience that FLAMEX can offer cannot be paralleled by others. 


We provide engineered systems which are designed and customized to meet the requirements of each particular application.  All systems are programmed specifically to meet the individual customer’s needs. We believe that fire protection systems installed to protect people and property are too important to be supplied as a collection of commoditized components.

We select the appropriate detection component for each application and reject the “one size fits all” concept.  Different processes within a production stream may constitute different detection applications which must be addressed by the detector suited to provide the most effective and reliable detection.

We continually strive to provide the best value in the marketplace, not necessarily the lowest price.  Our emphasis is on providing quality systems that are reliable and dependable that will give our customers years of valuable service.      


Mr. Ole Sorensen

The company was originally founded in 1971 when the East Asiatic Company, a Danish multi-national corporation, decided to establish a firm in the U.S. to supply Danish dust collectors manufactured by Moldow Ltd.  Mr. Ole Sorensen, then an EAC employee, was selected to head up this endeavor and chose Greensboro as the base of this operation because of its proximity to the furniture industry and its quality of life.

The company was originally known as Moldow Dust Control Inc. (a joint venture between EAC and Moldow). Throughout the seventies the company grew as sales continually increased. As our experience in the field of dust collection expanded, it became increasingly apparent that a major safety hazard existed in the processes of dust extraction and air filtration. Dust fires and explosions in dust collectors were very common to the woodworking industry, which included a majority of our customers. In an effort to combat this plague to the industry, company management sought out a solution.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany

In 1975 it was discovered that a German Company, Preussag MINIMAX, was developing a system that could be designed to specifically address this problem. Company management knew this would be a perfect complement to our product line and pursued a relationship with the German Manufacturer. Shortly thereafter, MINIMAX granted a North American distributorship of its Spark Detection and Extinguishing System to Moldow Dust Control. It was decided that this system would be marketed in the U.S. under a brand name of FLAMEX. Introduced to the U.S. in 1978 at a Louisville woodworking exhibition, FLAMEX won the coveted Challenger Award for the best new product in the Woodworking Industry. FLAMEX became the first system of its type to gain Factory Mutual Approval and quickly became the industry standard.

In 1993, certain assets of EAC Engineering USA were purchased by Mr. Ole Sorensen, thus creating a new company, which was named FLAMEX Inc. to emphasize the brand name of our principal product.  The company prospered under Ole’s ownership and direction. To ensure the continuation of the business in the future, Ole sold the company in 2005 to our longtime supplier, MINIMAX.  He continued to lead the company until his untimely death in January 2009.  Today, the company maintains the FLAMEX name, but is part of a large multi-national organization that is among the major global players in industrial fire protection equipment


For over 40 years, our company has been committed to protecting the lives and property of our customers. The excellent reputation we enjoy speaks for the quality of our products and the integrity of our staff. 

We appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for visiting our web site. We invite you to contact us concerning how we can be of assistance to your organization.


    “For the last 18 years we have been blessed with expansions to our facility and FLAMEX has been there to service us through the transitions. We currently own 15 collectors and feel safe with our fire prevention plant from FLAMEX.”

    – Maintenance Manager-Masco BCG Duncanville

    “We have utilized FLAMEX as our supplier of choice for fire detection and elimination since 2000. I recommend them without reservation to anyone who has valuable equipment that needs to be protected from fire or explosion hazards.”

    – Plant Manager Unilin-US MDF

    “Our FLAMEX press Minifog systems have paid for themselves many times over.  In addition, we have found FLAMEX quarterly servicing to be excellent, accommodating and highly recommended.”

    – OSB Industry-Joel Gaither, PE

    We have also installed two Minifog systems over the last 15 years on equipment, and have been very happy not only with the equipment, but the sales and service side over these years. It’s been a great relationship for sure.

    Manager in Western US Particle Board Mill

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Rapid detection and suppression prevents sparks from igniting fires in dust collectors.
Specially designed MINIFOG nozzles create a very fine water mist produces a cooling and suffocating effect on fires.
The broad range of components allow flexibility for systems to be customized to address a variety of applications.
High performance firefighting turbine using water mist technology is the next generation fire protection.


We seek to employ individuals with commitment, competency and integrity that wish to pursue an interesting and challenging career.