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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

FLAMEX offers a wide range of detectors for fire protection in industrial process applications. The following sensors described below are some of the more widely used.

Spark Detector YMX FUX OS

YMX5000 FUX OS Detector

The YMX 5000 Spark Detector is a technologically advanced infrared sensor. It has a self-monitoring optics feature which alerts the user of a reduction of detector capability caused by damage or lens contamination. The YMX 5000 Spark Detector is suitable for installation in an extremely wide range of operational temperatures (-40 Degrees F. up to 221 Degrees F.) and connects to a Control Unit which indicates the functional status of up to three detectors. It has a field removable, wear resistant lens and can be fitted with an optional air flushing device. EX models are available for hazardous areas.

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Spark Detector FUX 3001 L-1E

The standard sensor described above can be fitted with a fiberoptic assembly (light conductor) that allows the detector to be used in applications where constant operating temperatures exceed 176 Degree F.  Fiberoptic assemblies can be supplied for desired temperature ranges and in various lengths.

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Hot Particle Detector FUX 3001 DL

This detector is a mid-IR Detector responding to the 1.3 to 2.7 micron range. Because it detects infrared in this range, it can be used in applications where some ambient light is present. It has the ability to sense IR at lower temperatures than the standard spark detector and therefore is sometime referred to as a "Hot Particle" detector. The FUX 3001 DL is suitable for drop chutes and conveyors and certain ductwork applications.

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Heat Detector WMX 5000

This detector is a sophisticated thermal sensor that will alarm when a pre-set fixed temperature is exceeded and when an abnormal rate of heat rise is detected. It has the advantage of being able to be re-programmed in the field and thus offers flexibility for various applications. The detector offers a data archive feature that can be used to record a history of temperatures and indicate function activity. Optional upgrades for the detector include an LCD temperature display.

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Flame Detector FUX 3200

This IR Flame Detector utilizes a fiberoptic probe to isolate the detector electronics from the protected area allowing it to be used in high temperature applications. Unlike the FUX 3001 L-1 Detector described above, it is a Flame Detector and therefore can be used where ambient light is present. The detector continuously monitors the lens and optical fiber. Typical applications include ovens, presses, machine tools, paint spray robots and motor test cells.

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Flame Detector FMX 5000 IR

This Flame detector is commonly referred to as the "Triple IR Detector" because it offers a 3 channel IR analysis in the 2.0-6.0 micron range. It is designed to detect open flames that can be caused by combustion of solid or liquid materials. It is immune to false alarm sources such as flashing lights and welding. It also has an optical integrity feature that notifies the user if the lens becomes dirty or obscured in any way.

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Smoke Detectors

FLAMEX offers several models of Industrial Smoke Detectors including Photoelectric, Ionization, Air sampling and Duct Smoke Detectors. The specific model to be selected is determined by the application. Some models feature automatic drift compensation and all are designed for industrial use.

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"Our relationship with Flamex has been one of trust and professionalism. For the last 18 years we have been
 blessed with expansions to our facility and Flamex has been there to service us thru the transitions. We currently
 own 15 collectors and feel safe with our fire prevention plant from Flamex."      - Roger Hardy, Maintenance Manager, Masco BCG Duncanville
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