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Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Web Module


The web module allows remote access to your FLAMEX system via any PC connected to the internet.  This feature can be used to view the current status of the system, have messages sent to appropriate personnel upon system activity and can be configured to allow remote operation.  Different user access levels can be established.  In addition, the web module can allow you to get remote online technical support for your system via a VPN internet connection.  Data of all system activity can be stored for the lifetime of the panel.


Networking Capability 

Large facilities that utilize more than one FLAMEX control panel can network the  panels so that they can be monitored and  operated remotely by a master panel located  in a control room setting.  The network connection can either be hard wired or  through an existing PLC network.

Inveron Control System

The Inveron is a user friendly graphic management remote operating system for your FLAMEX or MINIFOG protection system.  Supplied on a dedicated PC, the Inveron can be used to:

  • Display system events on a graphic layout            
  • Provide operation instructions to the user              
  • Send SMS messages in real time to appropriate staff to notify of system activity                             
  • Send e-mail messages with graphics as an attachment                                                           
  • Store a history of all system events in a database that can be printed as a report                              
  • Operate the system remotely from a PC

The Inveron is custom designed for each installation so it can be used to meet the specific requirements of the user.                                                                      



"Ducts conveying dry material released by equipment having a high frequency of generated sparks shall be...(1) Equipped with a listed spark detection and extinguishing system installed downstream from the last material entry point and upstream of any collection equipment..."- NFPA 664 (2017 edition)
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